[RC5] ia64 core?

Rolf Stals r.stals at oke.nl
Fri Mar 30 19:52:32 EST 2001

At 20:37 29-3-01 -0800, you wrote:
>itanium core necessito por favor.
>anyone heard if one is in the works or anything?

Nope, because the processor is very rare and only in hands of people who
signed aprox. 100 contracts that keep their mouth shut.

Also you can see from reading from this site:
http://www.tweakers.net/reviews/204/1 that the current client on a ia-64
couldnt perform better than an client on a 100Mhz computer. But when there
is a client released for this processor it should be very very quick
because the rc5-64 is, as it says, an 64 bit code and because the processor
can handle that there is no need anymore for the client to write to the
disk/memory anymore for putting 64bits code to 32bits, crunch it and put it
back as 64bits. This can now al be done by one cpu cycle.

ps. This story could be a little bit different from the trut, but because
of my english "skills" i couldnt write it down the way i wanted :)

ps. Willem en Maxima, congratiolations!!!!  (This is a Dutch joke, dont
notice it of you cannot get the clue ;)

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