[RC5] Client buffer updates on DSL

Rodney R. Korte rkorte at psu.edu
Fri Mar 30 22:32:59 EST 2001

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001 23:21:25 +0200, G & E Holt wrote:

>First of all, dump the 8010 version...  go get the prerelease 8014 version.
>I never had anything BUT problems with the 8010 version not seeing
>interfaces, and it was never fixed.  If you do not want the 8014 version,
>then get the 8009 version which works correctly.  I am glad to see I am not
>the ONLY person with this problem, as many of my friends complained about
>the same thing...

Yeehaa!  That's it!  8009 works exactly the way it ought to according the
settings I've posted.  Now, if only it could be set to fetch more blocks
when a low block threshold other than "zero" was met (like the proxies are
able to do).


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