[RC5] HUMOR: Newsflash: New dnet Project

Shane McDaniel shanem at ll.mit.edu
Fri May 11 10:44:06 EDT 2001


Thought I'd share with my new rc5 friends.   - Flamesplash

May 10, 2001.  2:00 pm EST

The federal government has requested the help of distributed.net in a
matter of the highest form.  As we all know foreign countries have
infiltrated the United States for many years with spies.  It is not an
uncommon practice.  However there is one man who presents an extreme
threat to the US government and all citizens.  The government would like
for us, and you, to assist in the detection of this agent via
distributed analysis of satellite images.  So in the next couple hours
your dnet clients will be updated with the WW (Where's Waldo) packet. 
Waldo is a very dangerous individual and his capture must come
immediately.  Many people have asked how we expect to find Waldo as
satellite imaging can not go through building walls.  We have been
assured the Waldo makes himself present in open yet congested areas,
therefor aiding in his concealment, but also in his detection.  We thank
you for your help in this matter.  A $50,000 award will be given to the
individual who processes the packet that leads to the apprehension of
Waldo, as well the team will receive $50,000.   Thank You.

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