[RC5] Performance on P-IV

Enojon enojon at ATTGLOBAL.NET
Wed May 16 00:38:31 EDT 2001

"Andreas D. Landmark" wrote:

> At 15.05.2001 09:07, you wrote:
> >Just to contribute, here's the hardware i'd opt to use, answered point for
> >point with Basil's post... :)
> >
> >5 * 3.5 = 17.5Mkeys (maybe 6 * 3.5 = 21Mkeys)
> <snipp>
> you're missing one point though...
> "5 or maybe 6" athlons would use somewhere along the lines of
> 3-6 times as much power as a G4....

And, ATX and AT power supplies tend to burnout with such loads.

Also, in rebuttal to Basil's shopping list, replacement costs--
usually, PC "kits" must be rebuilt component by component within
a year--either because of obsolesence or failure.

And, I'm sure a resourceful Mac Geek would be able to scrounge
the components to build a dual G4 under $1500 --amazing what
happens when the processor card slides in and out.. next to
an ATI or more enviable video card barely concealing PCI ATA
RAID controller.

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