[RC5] nmap output

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Wed May 16 18:35:37 EDT 2001

On 17-May-2001, Satya wrote:
> 2064/tcp   open        distrib-netassholes     
> 3064/tcp   open        distrib-net-proxy       
> I'm running a perproxy. lsof -i shows the perproxy is using these
> ports. What's up with the names?

Fyodor, the author of nmap, feels that we are unreasonable for not
releasing dnetc as 100% open source.  While he's never been able to 
explain exactly how we are supposed to be able to do so and maintain
the security of the system, he still feels we're assholes for not
doing it.

This is just his way of making sure that everyone using nmap gets the
full benefit of his personal feelings towards our group and its

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