[RC5] nmap output

Stephen Berg sberg at pangaealink.com
Fri May 18 22:00:43 EDT 2001

Pretty hypocritical of him, since he seems to be participating in


On Wed, 16 May 2001 20:27:06 -0500 (CDT), Jeff Lawson wrote:

>The author of the nmap utility, Fyodor <fyodor at dhp.com>, has negative
>personal opinions about distributed.net and chooses to spread his feelings
>about us to others by providing that default port description.  The
>descriptions are contained within the "nmap-services" file (located in
>/usr/local/share/nmap/nmap-services) and can be edited freely to suit your
>own tastes.  Note that if you look in that file and read the comment
>description for port 3064, you will see another opinion expressed:

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