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David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Fri May 18 10:17:58 EDT 2001

On 18-May-2001, Ferry van Steen wrote:
> Yea but then again, he didn't have to force his opinion and call them
> assholes. I didn't see any explanation why he calls them assholes either
> which I'd really like to know...

And also wrote:
> Hmm I guess he's just pissed off he doesn't get to read the source...
> He's probably interested in the CPU optimization or something or wants
> to see how it's being cracked.....

He was pretty clear to me why he felt we were a bad thing, but the
rant took place in a private email to me which I wouldn't be comfortable
posting publically.  If his complaint was simply a desire to see the
CPU optimizations in the code, he could download all that stuff from 
http://www.distributed.net/source/ and investigate every bit of it.
His complaints were basically:

  o The distributed.net staff are obviously in it just for the money

  o closed-source software is inherently dangerous and not trustable.
    Fyodor finds our software offensive because it is both closed
    source and claiming to be working towards improving security.

  o The distributed.net client is as dangerous to a user as Back Orifice
    because it might be maliciously modified and without source the
    user would have no way of knowing that such modification took place.

  o We don't release the source to our buffer and file handling code.

The arguments are particularly shallow, and in many cases contrary to
factual evidence.  In re-reading the email exchange (this took place in
late 1998) I see that I was a bit of a prick in my responses to him,
so I suppose I carry a bit of the blame, but his initial email to me
was remarkably inflammatory as well.  I suspect his claim that 
"we're just in it for the money" was the catalyst for the exchange, since
with it he demonstrated a total lack of understanding about how d.net
operates and what we're all trying to do.

It's unfortunate that Fyodor feels the need to use his popular and
useful software to throw a tantrum like this, but being called an asshole
in this context doesn't really sting that much either.

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