[RC5] Daily updates

Jan Eliasen eliasen at cs.auc.dk
Fri May 18 21:26:19 EDT 2001

Hi there.

I have started running dnetc just a week ago, and I find it quite
disturbing that the updates take so long.

I live in Denmark, and in the daytimes, I can't get the stats - ALL day,
because of updates... sometimes it seems that the stats for individuals
are done, but the update for teams hasn't. I started looking for updated
stats at 09:00 am today (local time), and now it is 09:00 pm and they
STILL are not ready - now, it's evening and then in a couple of hours I
will go to bed, and next morning, the same will happen - quite annoying -
I never really can get to see the stats.

Is this a known problem? Is it being corrected? Am I an idiot? Will it be
better (Not me, but the time the stats take :-) and so on?

  a confused dnetc user.

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