[RC5] Daily updates

tomdv at datatx.com tomdv at datatx.com
Sat May 19 11:27:04 EDT 2001

Hi dnet-guys,

I'm not such a new participant as Jan. My putes have been at it for a 
short 940 days now. And indeed, for the last few days, stats are 
unavailable at all times. I live in the same time zone as Jan, being it a 
little more to the south, in Belgium, if anyone cares.

But there might be a way around the 'stats unavailable'. Why don't you 
mirror the stats-data as soon as they are completed? Then you can always 
run it off-line. I have seen that you have done this before. Granted, it 
will take somewhat more disk-space but that is cheap to come by these 

Or could you have a stats-run progress meter? That way people can see the 
percentage done on the stats? Maybe this is a wee bit more complicated but 
will not require the disk-space as the mirroring does.

Just a thought,

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