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chicks at chicks.net chicks at chicks.net
Sat May 19 16:46:53 EDT 2001

On Sat, 19 May 2001, G & E Holt wrote:
> sounds like it might be time to upgrade...  

Upgrade your brain!  http://addy.com/sweeneyd/articles/netiquette.html#l14

> Traditional e-mail is a text-only medium that lacks any text
> formatting options. You cannot use bold, italics or underlining to
> emphasis your text. You cannot alter the type size for headers or
> titles. You cannot place graphics or charts into the text. Basically,
> you cannot do much to make your text stand out.


Any chance of those paper cups and string being upgraded to tin cans
and wire?  Or as a coworker has said . . . I've seen better throughput
from a pair of gorillas and flash cards.   -Jon Lewis <jlewis at fdt.net>

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