[RC5] 64bit processors (Was: Performance on P-IV)

Tom Cramer drakino at usa.net
Sat May 19 01:00:24 EDT 2001

Keep in mind Alphas have been 64bit for quite some time.  And current 
Transmeta processors run at 128 bit with future ones going to 256.  The 
whole bit argument is beginning to go the way of CISC and RISC, where 
instead the lines blur, or performance is matched by the competitiors.


At 11:37 AM 5/12/2001, you wrote:
>It seems every manufacturer is awaiting the 'fallout' of the other rivals.
>For the record, Sun, HP and IBM are vendors with 64-bit chips
>[Motorola piggybacks with IBM].   HP migrated its UX boxes from
>32-bit to 64-bit a few years ago.  IBM PPC is a "new" 64-bit chip,
>and the mainframe tech was at 31-bit and is moving into 64-bit
>[just today, I read feedback from application/systems programmers
>on 'features' that are cropping up in the underlying systems-ware]
>Going up to 64-bit is being addressed with the same caution as
>approach of Y2k.   Reading HP's documents on 64-bit migration
>is better than a cheap teen-focused horror flick!  [the legend of
>the "long long" integer that wasn't signed extended]

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