[RC5] Linux and PS2 (Was: New Clients)

Tom Cramer drakino at usa.net
Sat May 19 01:00:24 EDT 2001

At 02:03 PM 4/26/2001, you wrote:
>  Even more exciting is the news about Sony releasing complete specs for the
>PS2, and apparently they (are going to?) sell a keyboard, mouse, vga
>adapter, hard drive, and a CDROM that boots linux.  This is way cool,
>because not only is it possible to run Linux on PS2, Sony is actually
>encouraging the hackers who want to!  By far the best news is that they say
>they are releasing all their stuff GPL, instead of some stupid binary like
>nvidia.  This includes actual hardware specs, as well as drivers.  I hope
>they do this for North America as well :)  (This was in a story on /. today.)

I can definitely confirm the release of at least parts of this in the US, 
as Sony is currently showing off the Broadband kit at E3.  It's Linux 
capable of running Netscape 4, AOL, and Real Networks RealPlayer.


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