[RC5] Personal Proxy on W2KProf

Magetower magetower at earthlink.net
Sun May 20 11:17:45 EDT 2001

I am having a problem with connecting the personal proxy to the keyservers.

Here is the situation:

I have the proxy installed on a W2KProf system that is doing Internet
Connection Sharing to support my local network. I have a dial-up (56K)
connection and it is configured for auto-dial.

The problem lies in the proxy being able to provoke the auto-dialup.  Here
is the excerpt from the consol.

[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Unable to resolve hostname: "us.v27.distributed.net"
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Uplink: [1] Connect to failed.
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Uplink: [1] connection to changed state
                              from 0 (ESTNONE) to 51 (ESTDEAD)
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Uplink: [1] Closed connection to
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Status: Uplink needed... (dialup connection detected)
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Status: Creating uplink (outgoing server) connection.
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] rc564 r=32/500, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=8
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Status: rc564: Last uplink sent 0 and received 0
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Status: Uptime: 0.00:22:41, 2 listeners, 0 uplinks
[2001-05-20 16:48:44] Status: 0 active clients (peak: 1, mean: 0.00)
[2001-05-20 16:48:45] Unable to resolve hostname: "us.v27.distributed.net"
[2001-05-20 16:48:45] Uplink: [1] Connect to failed.
[2001-05-20 16:48:45] Uplink: [1] connection to changed state
                              from 0 (ESTNONE) to 51 (ESTDEAD)
[2001-05-20 16:48:45] Uplink: [1] Closed connection to

If I include the IP addresses of the keyservers in my
/winnt/system32/drivers/etc/HOST to resolve the name the error state reverts
to host unreachable.  The consol message "Uplink needed... (dialup
connection detected)" looks like it is detecting my internal network
connection as my dialup connection.

I don't want to load the proxy on another system as they are not always up
and running like my W2K box.

What gives?

magetower at earthlink.net

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