[RC5] How can I get my clients to ONLY work on RC5?

Errol Tisdale Errol.Tisdale at usm.edu
Sun May 20 15:51:02 EDT 2001

Billy Hutton wrote:
> I know update times and buffer content have a lot to do with a rate, and I'm
> not too worried about tweaking those settings.  What does concern me though,
> is that when my windows box is done with rc5, it starts working on OGR.  I
> don't want to work on OGR.  I don't care about OGR.  I want my cpu cycles to
> go to rc5!  :)


> (Windows)
> [misc]
> project-priority=RC5,DES,CSC,OGR
> Both configs look the same.  How can I tell my '98 box to just work on rc5?
> Thanks,
> Billy

Change the Windows Project Priority to read as follows:


This should effectively lock out any other projects past or current.

Errol Tisdale
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