[RC5] How can I get my clients to ONLY work on RC5?

Charles Clark cmc+dnet at ralf.org
Sun May 20 17:07:42 EDT 2001

> not too worried about tweaking those settings.  What does concern me though,
> is that when my windows box is done with rc5, it starts working on OGR.  I
> don't want to work on OGR.  I don't care about OGR.  I want my cpu cycles to
> go to rc5!  :)

> (Windows)
> [misc]
> project-priority=RC5,DES,CSC,OGR

You can just turn off OGR, as people have suggested, via "OGR=0"
or "OGR:0". If you do not want to participate in distributed.net
once the rc5 is done, this is a fine way to go. Also if you can
easily change the configs on all your clients, and are paying
attention to dnet mailing lists which would let you know when rc5
is "done", this is still a reasonable way to go.

On the other hand, you may want to do ONLY rc5 as long as rc5 is
available, but when rc5 is "done" (technically when no new rc5
blocks are available, which will happen once in a while even
though rc5 is not done) keep working on dnet's other project(s)
(currently ogr), then you will want to do the following:

add this to your config file:

which will cause the client to update buffers whenever the
project it is working on empties its buffer. Since rc5 is your
first priority, this will keep the rc5 buffer full as long as the
proxy you get has rc5 blocks, which is almost always.

also make sure to add this to your config file:

and then delete your current buff-in.ogr file.

the default workunit threshold for ogr is *way too big*; 24 if I
remember correctly. this could keep even a fairly fast processor
doing ogr for over a month. set it down to 1 so if dnetc ever does
run out of rc5 and the proxy it contacts is empty, it will only
load one ogr and then the ogr buffer will be empty so it will try
to update the buffers again. and if it gets any rc5 this time, it
will go back to doing rc5 as soon as the first ogr is done. if
not, it will be checking for new rc5 with every ogr it does,
which means it will get back to doing rc5 as quickly as is

If you run your own proxy and configure it to keep a minimum of
three or four days (at your combined client rate) of rc5 on hand
then it is unlikely your clients will ever run out of rc5 even
when the official dnet proxies are empty for a short time due to
problems or dnet testing client project changeover or whatever.

I have about a dozen machines set up this way, and in the last
month and a half there have been 4 or 5 days with any ogr
submissions by my email address, and each of those submissions is
only a trivial number of Gnodes.

I'll note that if you'd rather be doing "random" rc5 when new rc5
work is unavailable then I don't know how to do that other than 
to turn off ogr completely. My "solution" is basically a
preference for working on "assigned" work, rc5 whenever possible,
rather than rc5 at all costs, random rc5 over assigned ogr.

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