[RC5] Cross post. Krystalia UD cancer team.

blitz blitz at macronet.net
Tue May 22 03:18:30 EDT 2001

Another distributed network project?

>Subject: Cross post. Krystalia UD cancer team.
>Intel has put up some major cash towards this distributed medical system.
>I've started a team, simply named 'Krystalia' .
>"Download the UD Agent and truly be a part of a world-changing
>project. The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) Centre for
>Drug Discovery in the Department of Chemistry at the University of
>Oxford, England, is working with United Devices and our Member
>Community in the search for new drugs in the treatment of cancer"
>They only have win32 clients right now, which sucks.. but in time I'm
>sure they will get more.
>Get the clients here:
>http://www.krystalia.org/ud_agent_setup.exe  Windows 98/ME/2000
>http://www.krystalia.org/ud_agent_setup_awv95.exe  Windows 95
>or: http://members.ud.com/download/
>Join the team here:
>For those of you who don't know krystalia, www.krystalia.org

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