[RC5] proxy question

Fruitloops fruitloops70_prn at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 09:21:49 EDT 2001

> Sorry about the confusion. I've modified your drawing...
> In this configuration the laptop is running the proxyper and
> servicing the dnet clients on the network.
> Also, the proxyper is communicating with the dnet keyserver
> via the company network. The VPN NIC connected to the DSL
> router filters all but two IP addresses and can't see
> the dnet keyserver.

Have you tried pinging the keyserver IP address from the VPN box?  If you
can ping its IP address, but the proxyper can't "see" it when you run it on
the VPN server, then your DSL provider's DNS is your problem.

If you can ping the keyserver's IP address from the VPN box, then install
the proxyper on the VPN box, and either:

1) Modify your proxyper.ini to use this specific keyserver IP address,
2) Find a DNS server that can "see" dnet's proxies and add this DNS server
to your VPN's box DNS list.
3) You could also create a .hosts file with the addresses already resolved,
but I have no idea where you would put that on a Win2K box.


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