[RC5] CPU Utilization in Task Manager (NT)

Chris Hessmann news at hessmann.de
Thu May 24 03:20:29 EDT 2001

Hello Chris,

> I've seen somewhere the magic incantation to remove dnetc.exe from the
> items contributing to the CPU utilization.  I'm just trying to get the
> CPU utilization without dnetc.

well, the first thing is to put:


into your dnetc.ini. So, every time you start the taskmgr, d.net will be
paused and the CPU-Utilization of our holy cow goes down to 0%.
But this doesn't solve the problem that everyone can see dnetc.exe has
consumed nearly every percent of idle time.
I do not have a real solution for that problem, it is possible to rename
dnetc.exe to something like System Idle Process.exe, but it is quite
obvious, you have two idle-processes then, one with a .exe behind its
name, and it's not really a good trick... :(

And, the most important part of all: It's against the policy of d.net to
run the client on machines you are not allowed to do that! Yes, we all
know it's hard to resist not to put d.net on the 1000 server in your
computer centre, all some kind of 8x Xeon 500 and all that stuff, but you
are not allowed to! ;)

cu Chris
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