[RC5] Cross post. Krystalia UD cancer team. - Comment on United Devicesclient

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Sat May 26 16:04:59 EDT 2001

Actually, the UD agent does do checkpointing, although it could be
improved upon. The latest release of the THINK app greatly improved the
checkpointing interval, and the next release will improve it some more.

There's admittedly a lot of room for improvement in the current
architecture. Unfortunately, there's a lot of other needs that need to
be met as well. We're also still learning. UD's network is a lot more
complex than d.net's, so it takes more time and effort to make changes
and make sure we don't break the network.

stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com wrote:
> >Entropia.com has also transformed itself into a distributed computing
> network
> >"for general use".  The new project has a self-updating client which
> updates as
> >new projects are given priority.   The current module is FightAIDS at Home.
> Is it any good ?...
> The reason I asked is I checked out the United Devices client ( Cancer
> research)( where all those Dnet guys went to work)
> and it basicly is bad...
> - client functionality:
> no save function, no bufferring, no checkpoint file,..
> - client stability :
> any glitch and the data allready done is lost , OS crashes, Network
> hickups, ...( try it on a laptop with Win95)
> and the client gets a new set of data or the entire program again..
> ( official comment : manually backup the entire directory every X hours !!)
> - Stats:
> 2 times out of three you don't get credited for work done
> - Only WINDOWS clients:
> I guess other OS's aren't interesting commercially.
> So Dnet it is for those AIX, Linux, etc boxes
> and I could go on.
> I think the Dnet client is very good, stable, does what it is supposed to
> be doing( except for the little v466 thing), optimized, has all it needs to
> have, etc
> But you have to admit that finding an encryption key is a little bit lame
> when there are things like Cancer research out there.
> ( Ok , I admit. I also ran the Seti thing for a while, before it become
> popular)
> I suppose they( UD) are using this Popular "Cancer Research" theme as a
> test for later commercial applications.
> I hope for the (ex?)Dnet staff things improve soon or they might find
> themselves looking again for those old boring day-jobs
> And for Dnet.
> I hope we find that RC5 thing fast so that there comes again some life in
> this slowly dying fire ( in my opinion)
> this thing has a too good base ( users, staff, client) to let go to waste.
> Regards,
> Stan
> ( No, not the one from that annoying Eminem song ;)  )
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