Odp: [RC5] Stats suggestion

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
Thu May 31 14:04:09 EDT 2001

At 04.01.2002 18:27, you wrote:
> > Would it be possible to have the stats server figure up a processing
> > rate for the last 30 or 60 days?  I've been doing RC5 since it
> > started.  My first system was a 486DX2/66.  I'm currently running an
> > Athlon 800 and three other systems.  This means my current rate is a
> > lot higher than my overall rate.  But daily it goes up and down
> > depending on when my various systems fetch and flush blocks.  With a
> > 30 or maybe a 60 day average I'd be able to see a little more
> > accurately how fast my systems are working these days.
> >
> >
> >                             Stephen Berg
>I support that idea

This idea pops up from time to time on the list, but the earlier 
discussions usually
end up in "it's too much calculation for the stats-box".
Until the new statsbox come online I can't see this being implemented 
(unless they've
found some revolutionary new way of speeding up the stats-crunching).

Andreas D Landmark / noXtension
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         Here and now, as opposed to fake time, which only occurs there
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