[RC5] When RC5 will be finished...

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Dear Steve,
I believe this question also goes for RC5. We had this issue before when 
we were speaking about load of work on a PC. See, if I use a P120 and only 
update every two weeks, I have a pretty high chance the blocks it crunched 
have been processed already by someone else. Actually, I deinstalled dnet 
from that computer for exactly that reason.
For all at dnet, we always speak about 'wasting' cycles when we mention a 
screensaver. Now, apart from that, if we have slow computers that update 
every two weeks only and their work was done by a faster computer, that 
also is a waste of cycles. Rather than starting any new contest, is it 
possible to review what can be done to avoid  this from happening or at 
least have a better control? Maybe you need to have a list of who has what 
units and verify what happen with the work units if long time no see.
Just a thought,

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> I agree! Let us finish OGR-24 now!

I'd like to know if Dnet actually know which userid's have the missing
stubs? I've be quite embarassed if the stubs in question are sit in the
buff-in.ogr of one of my machines which is working on RC5 constantly...

I don't suppose they do know, but can someone clarify it?

Steve Flynn

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