[RC5] When RC5 will be finished...

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Fri Nov 2 08:42:11 EST 2001

 >I believe this question also goes for RC5. We had this issue before
when we were speaking about load of work on a PC. See, if I use a P120
and only update every two weeks, I have a pretty high chance the blocks
it crunched have been processed already by someone else. Actually, I
deinstalled dnet from that computer for exactly that reason.  

This is not true.  We avoid recycling work units for several months to
avoid this exact problem.  If you download umpty-jillion work units, you
could run into this on any speed PC.  If you stick closer to our
recommendations, you're not vulnerable.

 >For all at dnet, we always speak about 'wasting' cycles when we
mention a screensaver. Now, apart from that, if we have slow computers
that update every two weeks only and their work was done by a faster
computer, that also is a waste of cycles. Rather than starting any new
contest, is it possible to review what can be done to avoid  this from
happening or at least have a better control? Maybe you need to have a
list of who has what units and verify what happen with the work units if
long time no see. 

We are already struggling with a huge data load just managing the stubs.
Trying to track where we sent the work (which proxy did it go to?  Did
it go to a perproxy or a client?  Was the work unit processed by that
client, or did a different computer do it via sneakernet or shared
buffers?  How could we uniquely identify everyone who checks in for
work?) would be a huge and impractical undertaking.

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