[RC5] When RC5 will be finished...

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Fri Nov 2 14:07:25 EST 2001

I know that the blocks are not suppose to be reissued inside 90 days, and
frequently they go far longer than that, but I keep seeing a shortfall
between the number of blocks I work and the number I get credited.  I been
tracking the number of key blocks that get handed into my pproxy as well as
the number that I get credited with in the rc5 stats pages, for myself and 3
friends who also use that pproxy.  

While there are day to day fluctuations based on exactly when various
proxies flush their last blocks of the day to the master key server, over
the last 14 months, 1.5% off all the blocks we have turned in to the pproxy
never got credited by distributed.net.  I know some of those would be due to
colliding with random generated blocks people have submitted but 1.5% seems
a very high loss rate.  In terms of actual numbers of blocks lost, I
personally have a 47022 block discrepancy and combined we have a 67697 block
difference between what that pproxy saw and what we got credited.

I started tracking this after a discussion last June about block numbers not
matching up.  The consensus them seemed to be that it was just short term
fluctuations, but I've tracked a consistent loss since July 1, 2000.

	- Jonathan Smith

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> least have a better control? Maybe you need to have a list of who has
> units and verify what happen with the work units if long time no see.

as far as i know, the key blocks are only re-issued if they aren't returned
within 90 days! this means that your old p120 can take up to 90 days until
it finishes a block - you won't be wasting any cpu cycles!

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