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Ralph W. Reid III rreid at virtual.sunset.net
Sat Nov 3 08:21:37 EST 2001

paulo ribeiro fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
>> least have a better control? Maybe you need to have a list of who has
>> units and verify what happen with the work units if long time no see.
>as far as i know, the key blocks are only re-issued if they aren't returned
>within 90 days! this means that your old p120 can take up to 90 days until
>it finishes a block - you won't be wasting any cpu cycles!
One solution discussed some months ago is to put a deadline time
into each work unit or packet as it is sent out.  Each client could
then check the deadline date and time to decide whether the packet
should be processed or abandoned.  I do not know whether such a
deadline could be integrated into the current packet configuration,
so it may have to wait for a future upgrade of all concerned
software (key masters, clients, database systems, etc.).  Any

I guess I will check the web site to see if anyone ever made an
actual "official" suggestion.

Have a _great_ day.

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