[RC5] Stats suggestion

Sergio Ribeiro Sribeiro at i2s.pt
Thu Nov 8 18:35:10 EST 2001

 Hi there,

 I fetch and flush via e-mail once a week. So if I check my stats they'll be
static for a week (and my rank goes down) and then (when I submit the blocks
of that week) I go up in the ranking. For instance today my stats (as of
7-Nov-2001 at 23:59 UTC) are these:

Rank: 22531 (+150)
Participant: Sergio
Days: 1268
Overall Rate: 864.76
Current Rate: 10,349.06
Blocks: 352,929

My Block Submission History looks like this:

Date          Blocks   
7-Nov-2001    3,331  
31-Oct-2001   6,287 
22-Oct-2001   7,992 

Since a day has 86400 seconds, the "Current Rate" is computed as

  [Number of blocks submited] * 2^28 / 86400

So mine is 3,331 * 2^28 / 86400 = 10,349.06 KKeys/sec

BUT I worked 7 days to obtain those 3,331 blocks so my "Current Rate" should

  3,331 * 2^28 / (7 * 86400) = 1,478.44 KKeys/sec

  ( [Number of blocks submited] * 2^28 ) / ( [days since last flush] * 86400

Sometime ago someone in the dnet team said that, for ranking purpose, some
people kept their blocks to perform a mega-flush.
I think that if the rank for the day was calculated with this "corrected"
"Current Rate", it would deny these folks the pleasure of getting it's day
of glory...

What do you think?
Is it dificult to do this?


	Sérgio Ribeiro
	Porto - Portugal

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