[RC5] Stats suggestion

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Thu Nov 8 23:26:26 EST 2001

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Sergio Ribeiro wrote:

> I think that if the rank for the day was calculated with this "corrected"
> "Current Rate", it would deny these folks the pleasure of getting it's day
> of glory...
> What do you think?
> Is it dificult to do this?

There was some discussion about this maybe a year ago - if there are
archives of this mailing list somewhere, you should be able to go back and
find the thread.

I think there was a general agreement that exponentially weighted averages
were a good thing - this would take compute your average giving weighting
to, for example, 20% for today, 16% the day before that, 12% the day
before that, and so on.

If people submitted large numbers of blocks all at once, this would mean
they would only get 20% of the benefit.

Someone who submits about the same every day would get approximately the
same stats score as the do now.

Someone who submits only once a week would find that over the week, your
rate would slowly decrease but would then be boosted up on the day that
you submitted.

The numbers above (20% etc) are variable and were the subject of some

But nothing seems to have happened implementation-wise since this


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