[RC5] D.net causing overheating

Dennis Lubert plasmahh at gmx.net
Thu Nov 15 10:00:04 EST 2001

At 19:07 14.11.01 -0600, you wrote:
>I had similar problems on a machine that wasn't in a well ventilated area a
>couple of years ago.

Me too. I had a PIII700 with a bad heatsink, in a Mini Tower. Whenever the 
dnetc was runnning, the processor was heating up. Normaly it was ~ 41°C and 
with dnetc it sometimes went up to 58°C !! That wasn't a problem for the 
CPU, but for my graphic card. It wasnt properly cooled then, because inside 
the tower the temperature went up. So it hang after a while, ~1-2hours of 
work. Wasn't there a option like "pause if temperature limit has reached" 
for the macs, or ppcs ??? I have also monitoring devices for my systems, 
perhaps one could implement it for x86 as well, it shouldn't be that hard 
on linux machines, as they have /proc interfaces to their sensors... 
perhaps something like "pause if reaches x°C and unpause if below y°C 
again" would be really cool

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