[RC5] D.net causing overheating

Aaron W. Swenson aswenson at frontiernet.net
Fri Nov 16 09:09:02 EST 2001

See, the CPU running that hot got me to thinking.  I could just take my 
heat sink off and put my coffee mug on top of it to keep the coffee 
warm.   And yes, I do mean 89 degrees C.

At 12:56 AM 11/16/2001 +0000, you wrote:

>At 15.11.2001 15:06, Aaron W. Swenson wrote:
>>I've had a similar problem.  This is with a Celery 700, no over clocking, 
>>just a standard store bought setup (god I hated that machine.)  However, 
>>it wasn't the client that caused the overheating.  Whenever anything got 
>>CPU intensive, it started overheating.  The fan speed was good, it was 
>>securely fastened, yet it would get 60degrees Celsius (the Intel software 
>>didn't want to report in Fahrenheit.)  When I ran the client, it got to 
>>89 degrees.  This is in a small footprint case, and it didn't seem to 
>>matter if the cover was on or off.  Any solutions?
>89 degrees c?! (you mean 11degs away from boiling water under controlled 
>That's like 160 something F, most cpu's are spec'ed up to 90-odd (at least 
>Intels _were_),
>even 60 degrees C is quite a substansial temperature for a CPU (assuming 
>this was the
>CPU temperature, and not the case temperature, in which case it's even worse).
>I'd do some serious research on the fan/heatsink ASAP as you're not that 
>far from burning
>the thing to smitheriines...
>Andreas D Landmark / noXtension
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