[RC5] D.net causing overheating

Redaktion Legalize! Wiesbaden redaktion at legalizewiesbaden.de
Sat Nov 17 08:45:40 EST 2001

--------------schnips! -------------
> The Pentium 4 (at least the 478-pin edition) has a  T_case MAX[1] of
> 73-77 (varies with clockspeed, not proportional though), and assuming
> normal industry behaviour the max temperature is lower than the actual
> practical max (though there's no point in exceeding the proposed MAX ;-).

AMD reportes in their technotes for procs (duron/athlon) 'under 1Gh'
a temp of 90C (95C for above 1Gh) for the proc as deadly while the
case shoudn't go over 40C. I didn't understand all their technical
explanations. But they roumored about a difference between the temp
of the environment ('the room') an the temp in the case of 7C because
of some pysical circumstance around colling effects. So I think they
mean that the (AMD recommended) coolers only cool right when
the case temp is not about 40C and there's a lower room temp to
'move the heat away'.


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