[RC5] General comments

Tom Cramer drakino at usa.net
Sat Nov 17 03:04:02 EST 2001

I just caught up on the past two months of list activity, and figured I'd 
sum up all my thoughts in one post.

First, a comment on the "keyrate stabilizing?" thread.
I do agree that recent economic times have probably frozen the rise in 
keyrate due to upgrades.  But, there are still a ton of machines out there 
not crunching with distributed.net.  My friend and I managed to revitalize 
my team, and we are now ranked in the top 100 daily, and have gone from 
about position 1300 to 897 in RC5.  We celebrated the 4,000,000 block mark, 
and are getting really close to 5 million already.  I've gone back to my 
quest to get as many different OS and CPU stats as possible through the 
main perproxy on the team (I am close to having the client back on my car 
stereo again), and a teammate got his work network back online.  Ok, so 
summary of the above is find a way to revitalize your teams.  Invite new 
people in, and sell them on the potential benefits.  So far it has worked 
for team 4423, why not yours?

Next, the GUI thread,
I personally wish a new GUI client would be released, like the old one that 
had a GUI config.  One of the problems I have run into is that I can't 
convince normal computer users to install it themselves.  Now my big 
question is this:  Is there anyone here that is talented enough to program 
a decent GUI and is willing to work with the d.net staff to get this to be 
a reality?  This would greatly benefit the cause, but after the 
(non)response I got to offering access to an Itanium system to get a client 
done for it, I'm not sure this would happen.  I really hope distributed.net 
is alive, but there aren't too many signs that it is beyond the day to day 

I think that's enough random rambling for now, I'm off to bed.

Team 4423

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