[RC5] D.net causing overheating

Henrik Berglund SdU adb94hbd at mds.mdh.se
Sat Nov 17 14:04:42 EST 2001

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Andreas D. Landmark wrote:

> >My Duron 1GHz is at 41C with dnet running, 30 something without dnet.
> >61C is realy to much it should not be over 55C i think.
> The CPU wouldn't die @ 61C,
It would not die but it would maybe not last as long as it could.

> On what facts do you base your temperature speculation upon?
on the settings on my motherboard it is set to shutdown the cpu if it
reaches 55C.

> >I only have a standard coolermaster made for processors =< 1.2GHz.
> >And a large case fan that i have riged so i can change between 12v and 5v.
> >Since its a 12v fan and runs on 5v al the time it is very quiet.
> >And since its so large it gives about the same as a normal case fan at
> >full speed.
> What is a "large case fan", a 90mm ?

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