[RC5] D.net causing overheating

Chris Pollard chris at cdp181.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 17 14:10:39 EST 2001

Well My dual PIII 800Mhz average at around 42C and they are overclocked to
882Mhz.  Case temp is around 30C  I'd be worried if it was 40C personally.
BUT AMD's may still run hotter than Intel's like they did in the old days.
Although a while ago the PSU fan went and the case at the top was too hot to
touch after replacing the PSU I powered up with no (noticeable) ill affects.

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At 16.11.2001 21:26, Henrik Berglund  SdU wrote:
>On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Andreas D. Landmark wrote:
> > 61 is not dangerous, it's not out of the ordinary, but it's at the high
> end.
>My Duron 1GHz is at 41C with dnet running, 30 something without dnet.
>61C is realy to much it should not be over 55C i think.

The CPU wouldn't die @ 61C, keeping 30 something is IMO for cooling
zealots, I've had cooling accidents where a whole serverroom reached
30 odd something... what the case temperatures were, were somewhere
closer to 50 than 30 ;-).

(it should be added that a few modems in a custombuilt rack did throw
in the towel for good ;-), but all systems survived).

On what facts do you base your temperature speculation upon?

The Pentium 4 (at least the 478-pin edition) has a  T_case MAX[1] of
73-77 (varies with clockspeed, not proportional though), and assuming
normal industry behaviour the max temperature is lower than the actual
practical max (though there's no point in exceeding the proposed MAX ;-).

> > Nothing to worry about really, just enough to make a mental note to
> > waste some money on more cooling if you want to OC the CPU further,
> > a casetemp of 40C is not too bad, sounds like you got yourself a pretty
> > normal of-the-shelf system.
>normal?? my case temp is 30 something.

yep, in my experience 40 deg is not deviant.

>I only have a standard coolermaster made for processors =< 1.2GHz.
>And a large case fan that i have riged so i can change between 12v and 5v.
>Since its a 12v fan and runs on 5v al the time it is very quiet.
>And since its so large it gives about the same as a normal case fan at
>full speed.

What is a "large case fan", a 90mm ?

Is it me or is your arithmetic and a lot of your arguments based on unstated
or assumed facts?

[1] ftp://download.intel.com/design/pentium4/datashts/24988701.pdf
page 77, 6.1 table 32.

Andreas D Landmark / noXtension
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         Here and now, as opposed to fake time, which only occurs there
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