[RC5] Speeding up ogr24 by our own ?

Stanley Appel s.appel at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 21 11:21:11 EST 2001

At Tuesday, November 20, 2001 17:02, you wrote:

>>Hello people,
>>I guess that many people would like to speed up OGR24, so that it is 
>>finished soon, but there are only a few people which seem to have
great buffers. So
>>pehaps some of them also read this list. We could ask them, if they
will split 
>>up their buffer files, and send them to some people here with high
rates, so
>>that we will redistribute the already handed out work by our own. with
>>we could finish ogr24 really soon I suppose
>This assumes that issued blocks are still in buffers.  I can personally
attest that not >all issued blocks have been processed.  Some have been

Most have been deleted for sure.
What about this situations:
- someone installs a d.net client. By default the client download rc5
and ogr wu's.
  (It was 20 wu's ogr to start with) The user sees a slow process
because it does
  by default ogr also. His friend tells him to switch to rc5 (faster and
more a 
  competition) and his switches to rc5, deletes the ogr buff-in file
which he doesn't
- the clients before v8009.460 are capable of doing ogr but there is a
bug in it. 
  So all proxy's tell those clients the project is closed. What does the
client do
  He deletes the ogr wu's.
- who many off you have reinstalled his windows machine in the last
month -> deleted.
- etc, etc, etc


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