[RC5] Recovering Blocks from a "Locked" buff-in.rc5 file

Robert A. Rosenberg Bob.Rosenberg at digitscorp.com
Mon Nov 26 01:51:17 EST 2001

Due to some power failures, I have a number of buff-in.rc5 files that 
my dnetc program considers to be unusable due to there being a lock 
on the file (ie: It thinks that another copy is accessing the file so 
it waits until the other copy is done [which will ever occur]). Here 
is a listing of the latest occurrence (the same sequence occurs with 
the other files).

>dnetc v2.8013-467-GTR-01022721 for Mac OS (Mac OS 9.2.1).
>Using email address (distributed.net ID) 'bob.rosenberg at digitscorp.com'
>[Nov 26 00:56:57 UTC] Open failed for 'buff-in.rc5'
>                       Timeout waiting for buffer unlock.
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] The keyserver says: "Happy cracking. Hail Eris!"
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] Retrieved project state data from server. (cached)
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] RC5: using core #1 (lintilla).
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] RC5: Loaded random C9F92C7A:70000000:1*2^28
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] RC5: 446 packets (1955.00 stats units) remain in
>                       buff-in.rc5
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] RC5: 0 packets are in buff-out.rc5
>[Nov 26 00:57:01 UTC] 1 cruncher has been started.
>[Nov 26 00:57:19 UTC] *Break* Shutting down...
>[Nov 26 00:57:20 UTC] Open failed for 'buff-in.rc5'
>                       Timeout waiting for buffer unlock.
>[Nov 26 00:57:20 UTC] Buffer seek/write error. Block discarded.
>[Nov 26 00:57:20 UTC] RC5: Discarded C9F92C7A:70000000:1*2^28
>                       (buffer error - unable to save)
>[Nov 26 00:57:20 UTC] Shutdown complete

Is there a way I can Disk Edit the flag off, a utility that will 
force unlock it, or a secret command to turn it off (or ignore the 
flag - since this is a non shared file, I am safe in telling dnetc to 
ignore being being set)?

Note, I have have access to a Windows version of dnetc (which I also 
run) so a Windows only solution is acceptable to me since I can 
SneakerNet the files to the Windows machine for it to unlock and then 
either let the Windows machine crack the blocks or SneakerNet the 
(now unlocked) files back to my Macintosh for it to process.

Thank you.
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