[RC5] Dnetc-Virus

Remco Sonnema Remco at raforce.nl
Fri Nov 30 21:32:31 EST 2001

Wrong spelling I guess.
but this one is old.. and already wellknown..
it's just made by some person with the urge to get ontop of the
Remco Sonnema
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Don't make me weird. Need a separate machine to serve 
all thoset virus these days ;-) 
But the Norton Gang says: 

Results for: w32.hllw.beamer
No results were found for your search. 
Try changing some of the words in your query. 
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Hi all, 
my computer got infected by a virus called 'w32.hllw.beamer'. It looks
like it is attaching itself to dnet, see www.norton.com. Just to tell
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