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Mon Oct 1 16:29:27 EDT 2001

I've noticed something similar--the new client for the Mac platforms can not
select usage of the Vector Engine for all G4's under Mac 9.1; and when it
does run, it ambles along at 1.1Mkeys/sec.

> From: "Pyke, David" <David.Pyke at CIBC.com>
> Reply-To: rc5 at lists.distributed.net
> Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 09:38:18 -0400
> To: "'rc5 at lists.distributed.net'" <rc5 at lists.distributed.net>
> Subject: [RC5] Warning!  Missing keys!
> What happened to the keys from the 25th?  My entire team has suffered a drop
> of about 50% of their normal rate.
> Is it the apocolypse?
> Thanks
> dave

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