[RC5] Slow?

Rodney R. Korte rkorte at psu.edu
Thu Oct 4 17:01:22 EDT 2001

Bjoern Martin wrote:

> >its work.  Even when running at the lowest priority, the client will use
> >all CPU cycles not being used for other tasks.
> And here's some numbers: my PIII-800 WinNT4 box at work had
> an uptime of 22 days up to now with the client running
> nonstop. During that time the idle process got as much as 8
> minutes of the cpu time. That's about 0.025% of the cpu
> time.

That, in itself, doesn't say much.  Try setting the priority up,
let it run some days, then check the idle time again.  I wonder
if you will see the same result.

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