[RC5] Slow?

Gerald Richter glassman1 at neonshadow.net
Thu Oct 4 19:36:47 EDT 2001

1) Yes. OGR is by far much harder per unit then RC5.
2) In my experience service mode is best - that way dnetc doesn't
    waste any time updating the screen or a buffer... it just runs.
3) In win32 you want it at lowest priority - it actually garners more
    cycles that way, at least that's what I observed. YMMV.


> 1) I have a computer with AMD Athlon Thunderbird 900 MHz processor. It 
> computes the OGR packets really slow - about two per day (and I'm not 
> running any other programs!). Is that normal?
> 2) Under Win2000, is it better to run the client minimized (the small 
> icon on the tray) or normal-windowed?
> Also, when I check the processes with Task Manager, it shows that the 
> client is running on lowest priority, but I've set the number to 5 in 
> config file.

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