[RC5] Ensuring the client is running...

Carl Inglis uther at yoshiwara.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 5 21:38:20 EDT 2001

Is there any way to (from a remote machine) ensure that the client 
is still running? Let us (for the sake of discussion) assume that 
Telnet or SSH or any other login method is not available.

I'm looking to automate my "client is down" reporting since one of 
my machines seems to be shutting the client down for no apparent 
reason. If I can get a "it died" message, then I can start looking at 
logs and trying to work out what happened.

Any advice would be welcome!


Carl C. Inglis - uther at yoshiwara.demon.co.uk
"..as to who I am now, if you're prompted to ask: I'm the ghost of my
future and the sum of my past." - Talis Kimberly, Small Mended
Corners, Archetype Cafe
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