[RC5] Ensuring the client is running...

Oliver Scheit oscheit at quoka.com
Sat Oct 6 03:54:25 EDT 2001

Cheap solution: (if those machines are inside the same network...)
for each machine create a directory on a fileserver and run the client 
from there.
If it is running, you won't be able to rename the .exe file...

Or configure the client so it'll write a log file and let it put that 
log file on some place inside your network.

Or set up a personal proxy and configure all your installations to use 
this proxy. then set up something like ppstats and set a cron job do 
update the stats every 30 minutes or so...
If you look at the "by host" stats page, you'll see which client hasn't 
turned in a result lately...

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Von: "Carl Inglis" <uther at yoshiwara.demon.co.uk>
Datum: Freitag, Oktober 5, 2001 9:38 pm
Betreff: [RC5] Ensuring the client is running...

> Is there any way to (from a remote machine) ensure that the client 
> is still running? Let us (for the sake of discussion) assume that 
> Telnet or SSH or any other login method is not available.
> I'm looking to automate my "client is down" reporting since one of 
> my machines seems to be shutting the client down for no apparent 
> reason. If I can get a "it died" message, then I can start looking 
> at 
> logs and trying to work out what happened.
> Any advice would be welcome!
> Carl
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