[RC5] Ensuring the client is running...

Ralph W. Reid III rreid at virtual.sunset.net
Sat Oct 6 11:55:33 EDT 2001

Carl Inglis fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
>Is there any way to (from a remote machine) ensure that the client 
>is still running? Let us (for the sake of discussion) assume that 
>Telnet or SSH or any other login method is not available.
>I'm looking to automate my "client is down" reporting since one of 
>my machines seems to be shutting the client down for no apparent 
>reason. If I can get a "it died" message, then I can start looking at 
>logs and trying to work out what happened.
>Any advice would be welcome!
Which OS?

What kind of permissions do you have to run what kinds of stuff on
the failing system?

Can you receive email or other messages on the remote system you
might be logged into at any given moment?

If you do not have immediate access to the failing system, how do
you plan to check the logs?

What other specifics can you provide which might be helpful?

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