[RC5] Ensuring the client is running...

Ralph W. Reid III rreid at virtual.sunset.net
Sat Oct 6 12:26:57 EDT 2001

Carl Inglis fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
> . . .  It's my 
>dearly beloved wife's Win98SE box that is the problem. There 
>doesn't seem to be a BB client for that OS.
>As to the perproxy - I do run one, and that's my best indicator that 
>something has gone wrong so far.
>I did say "for the sake of discussion". The 
>machines are physically located at different 
>places around the house, and I have access to 
>all of them, but I was looking for an early 
>warning system, rather than waiting for "12 
>hours" in the last seen column of the perproxy 
>stats (I use Kevin Pesce/Stanley Appel's  
>PerProxyStats to monitor the perproxy).
> . . .
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In the same house you say--hmmm.  Could you set up a script or other
test mechanism on the failing system which could sound an audible
alarm if the client is found to not be running?  The alarm might be
set up to be heard around the house, and you would not even have to
be in front of another computer to know something has gone wrong.
The automated email message suggested by some one else seems like a
good idea as well, and might be more appropriate for your arrangement.

Have a _great_ day!

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