[RC5] Performance difference Win2k/Win98/ME

TD - Sales International Holland B.V. td at salesint.com
Tue Oct 9 16:59:50 EDT 2001

Hey there,

I have no idea what the hell Win2K is upto but it sure sucks! :-)
I ran on the same machine Win98/ME they both score around 3,5 mkeys/s on 
Athlon 1GHz, if I install Win2K on the same machine doing nothing within 
windows this machine will only crunch a lousy 2.6mkeys/s whilst task manager 
says that there are NO other processes using CPU time. dnetc has 99%. Is this 
a client issue or is Win2K secretly stealing CPU cycles which can't be seen 
in the task manager?

Can anyone explain this?

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