[RC5] Re-configuring RC5 clients for proxy configuration ?

Eric Axelson rxl at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 9 22:15:22 EDT 2001


Till last summer, I had been a few times in the daily "top 100", and
produced enormous crunching power, due to my 20 Mac G4's decoding RC5-64
24h. a day :)

(stats : http://stats.distributed.net/rc5/psummary.php3?id=273389 )

Unfortunately, the network administrator of my University installed a web
proxy, and shut dow all "unconventional" ports (I mean >80)

I tried to re-configure all my dnet clients with proxy option (web proxy on
port 8080), and force keyserver on port 80...

I got only a few clients who could work with this configuration, but most of
the computers freezed after a few computing time...

Any help would be much appreciated !

(and sorry for my poor English ;)

Eric/RXL, from Paris.

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