[RC5] Dupe messages?

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
Fri Oct 12 03:19:08 EDT 2001

At 12.10.2001 00:04, Christopher Hicks wrote:
>On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Tom Laermans wrote:
> > Is this list software flipping or something, I'm receiving each
> > message twice or even three times... (not in one bunch, though).
> >
> > It's only on the rc5 list.. not another d.net list, nor any other mail
> > here...
>It's probably due to somebody bouncing mail back to the list.  The footer
>keeps getting tacked on.  I've deleted them all, but if somebody still has
>the dupes, look at the headers to see who keeps bouncing things.... :-)

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