[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Sat Oct 13 18:45:49 EDT 2001

I've been telling friends for a while "do something with your spare cycles",
and for a while I was telling everyone to do dnet. But for the last year or
so, I haven't been, because I don't see anything happening. I mean, yes,
we're doing RC5, and in a year or so we'll complete it - a year and a half
at the outside, at this rate. Woo. I'm bored with it. I was bored with it
before OGR started, and I happily switched to OGR. Only OGR's even more
boring. I don't even know how much we've done. OGR-24 *still* isn't complete
(and how long has it been since they stopped passing out packets?) and I
don't have even the faintest clue how finished we are with OGR-25. With
OGR-24 we would occasionally get status updates (leading me to wonder, why
couldn't those be put on the website and updated daily?) but . . . I haven't
seen those for a very long time.

Couple this with the CSC fiasco, and for all I know they're going to say
next year "Whoops! Sorry! All that work was wasted. So sad. Don't worry,
we're *sure* it's right *this* time." Or for all I know they already *have*,
and decided to hush it up so that we stayed on the project. (no, I don't
think it's even remotely likely :P)

I don't know about other people, but it feels to me like I'm tossing my
cycles into a black hole, and the only reason I'm still doing it is I'm
waiting for the F at H version 2.0 client. I still like dnetc - the client's
wonderful, the projects are good, overall it's a Very Good Thing. It's just
slowly dying. I realize the techs have jobs, but . . . *helpless shrug* it
might be a good reason for no new progress, it just doesn't change the fact
that there is, effectively, no new progress.

And I *still* don't know why we can't have a progress meter on OGR - the
reasons I've heard range from "not all the stubs have the same number of
nodes in them, so we can't count nodes" (so, count stubs - it'll be very
slightly wrong, but at least we'll see progress) to "we don't know how many
stubs there are" which seems kind of . . . not possibly right to me, because
if we know when we finish, we must know where the end is.

Bah. I've made this rant many times before, I don't know why I'm doing it
again. I'm not trying to insult anyone, I'm not asking for the staff to
cater to my whims, etcetera, I'm just explaining why the only reason I keep
the client running is because I don't notice any performance hit.


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> [ http://n0cgi.distributed.net/statistics/rc5-64/rate2.png ]
> It looks like the rc5 keyrate has been fairly constant since ~april.. It
even droppped a
> bit around august. Anybody want to speculate on why the linear growth has
been broken?
> Stats problems probably is the reason for atleast some dropouts.
Migration to other
> efforts combined with slow recruiting is also a factor. The rate of
computer upgrades are
> slower due to the economic downturn.
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