[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Michael Horney michael at mjhorney.com
Sat Oct 13 12:49:11 EDT 2001

Is there really a NEED for features that allow the client to be hidden? 
Doesn't treating d.net as something clandestine serve as a kind of 
admission that we think we're doing something wrong?

I certainly think it makes perfect sense to run d.net on any machine 
you can get your hands on, for reasons it makes little sense to 
reproduce here. But that must be an informed decission. If we can't do 
it by-the-numbers, we perhaps shouldn't do it at all.


> Biggest challenges to recruitment are:
> 1) Newness has worn off.
> 2) Projects are taking too long
> 3) The big teams are hard to compete with, so little teams are less
> interesting
> 4) Much of the readily available cpu power is being used, the rest is 
> available or harder to reach.
> 5) Need for feature that allows the client to be hidden better on NT
> machines.  At my company, I can put the client on my machine and on 
> servers (and I have), but the users will whine if I put it on their
> machines.  I have the authority to do so, but I just can't justify 
> with them whining.  They can see it in the NT Task Manger, and no 
matter how
> much logic I have for it not mattering, they'll blame it any time 
> goes wrong on their machines, so it's just not worth it.
> These things combined have caused myself and others to be less 
> and I'm sure there are other reasons, but most of them are pretty well
> known.  Only a serious recruitmenet campaign will help, but these 
days most
> people participating probably don't read this list or hang out on the 
> channel, so it'll take a decision by d.net people to get them message 
out to
> get anything big done.
Michael Horney

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