[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Jack Beglinger jackb_guppy at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 00:32:07 EDT 2001

There are few things that makes this...

1) Lack Hardware upgrades - I am still using the same machines as 2 years 
ago.  Yes - I have added a few "new to me" machines... my base keyrate 
has been the same of over year.  Until Xmas - I most likely will not upgrading 
my equipment. Others have upgraded their machines hence more packets.  
My guess is that it will have to wait to after the current slump to get more 

2) New/Old "blood" - I been playing with stats (I have a copy that I created via 
web page requests) -- basically RC5 works by an active 13% of members 
(about 42K, from a high of 75K) -- the rest are "flash in the pan" or have long 
gone.  As a note 50% of all member last less than 3 months, 20% do not 
make it pass the first week, and 10% (about 30K) do not make it pass 1 
day. We been loosing (not logging RC5 packets) members since about May 
2000 faster than adding new members. 

The question is where are the members going... I see some have been 
sucked over the other projects.  Also there is 30K+ members that have only 
worked on projects other than RC5.  I can account for their members 
numbers (IDs are in sequence) and when asked the stat server, I get back 
basic header with no data.

3) the Stats / Feed back - I agree with some that stats need more....  
Issues I have are:
a) I can not account for about 1 billion blocks listed on the overall stats page. 
 There is notes about "bad" accounts (380 by my count, id number does not 
behave nicely) that have turned in blocks that are in the totals - but we are 
blocked from seeing.  There is even a "member" for the people who never 
changed the email address.  If they are counted the they must show some 

b) Overall and Daily rankings are meaningless - how will I "compete" with top 
boys?  -- how can I be #1 in the rankings?  For some the idea that they 
could win some money makes them do it.  For some it is noble to do it.  In 
both cases stats and rankings are not important.  For the rest, some better 
are needed.  Weighted Averages vs Today Overall Average, maybe sub 
rankings - All that started the same week, so you can "race" with others with 
the same start time.  

Yeah this rambled... but the base question -- stabilizing? yes.  why? 
member drop out greater than joining, and economy.


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