[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Niles Parr nparr at usa.net
Mon Oct 15 08:20:17 EDT 2001

Could part of the problem be because of no optimized core for newer
processors (mainly P-4)?  Overall CPU power is increasing but we are unable
to utilize it.  By now there has to be enough market penetration of the P-4
to make a difference .

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| > We should be well into 2nd pass of OGR-25 by now.
| > Could we please have an update like that again? daa?
| bwilson? anybody?
| >
| Even better, why can't we put it on the stats page to be automatically
| updated? I mean, the calculations really aren't hard :)

It's not a question of calculations, it's a question of the volume of

Every returned stub is stored as a line of text, occupying (perhaps) 50
bytes.  That's probably low, but it makes calculation easier.

In order to give accurate counts, we currently have to reload all the
logs since the start of the OGR-(N) project into a database, figure out
which ID first turned in a stub (pass 1), then figure out if anyone else
turned in that same stub (pass 2), and if so, did they return the same

Along the way, we have to take into account retirements.  Any two
participants who are related by retirement are considered to be the same
ID.  This means up to 11 emails have to be checked against the person
who first submitted the record.

We have received a ton of duplicate work on OGR.  Apparently, some
people think they can get stats credit for submitting the same work more
than once.  At least temporarily, this is so.  When we discover someone
is doing this, we usually just take them out of stats completely, the
same as if they were installing trojans, or had made unauthorized

Duplicate or not, we still have to sift through all that work to find
out what work has or hasn't been processed.  We have gigabytes of data
to be processed, and it's not currently automated.  We have a script,
but it's a human script, not a shell script.

I'm not aware of what has been happening internally lately, so I can't
give you a status update on OGR-25 progress stats.  I remember Daa
saying back in August he might have time in October.

Someone on this thread commented that we (d.net staff) aren't doing
enough to push the project forward.  Mea culpa.  I have debated recently
whether I would be better off taking my name off the list (thereby not
implying that I am actively involved when I'm not), or staying on to
avoid the "sky is falling" predictions, but still catching the blame.
It's discouraging even to me how little progress is visible to the
outside, and how long it takes to get anywhere.  I truly believe we
could be going great places, but I can't do it alone, and I can't force
anyone else to do anything at all.

I do know some client development is in progress, specifically on some
corrections to OGR.  I also know that we are acutely aware that "whoops,
we're starting over" is an unacceptable answer on so many levels.  Yes,
there are some bugs in the OGR core.  Yes, we're working on a
correction.  Yes, we expect to save all valid work.  We're not sure how
much of it will be valid, but indications point to saving nearly all of
it.  That's as specific as I can get - ask a coder for more detail.

And yes, stats are overdue for an update.  (It has nothing to do with
knowing or not knowing how many nodes there are - we have been reporting
progress as [stubs accurately completed]/[total stubs] basically

I read every message on this list, and it really is discouraging
sometimes how easily people jump to a conspiracy theory.  We're not a
corporation (though we are incorporated), we don't gain anything by the
success of RC5-64 or OGR-(N) (except the good press to support a new
project), we don't have any agendas that aren't clearly articulated on
our website.  We're just a group of guys who believe in distributed
computing, and who want to make it work.  We all wish we could do more.

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