[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
Tue Oct 16 02:12:53 EDT 2001

At 15.10.2001 22:19, daniel carter wrote:
>total stubs returned / total stubs * 100 = rough % done.
>It seems it would be much easier to give a rough percentage complete
>figure.  Checking for duplicates and checking the 2nd pass to ensure acuracy
>of the returned data does indeed need to be done at some stage,  but for a
>simple 'we are about 74% done' figure, couldn't we just count the number of
>returned stubs?  Surely duplicate results are neglible in comparision to
>valid results and thus would not distort the rough figure too much.
>The other inaccuracy in this figure is that each stub contains a different
>number of nodes.  So a stub is not an accurate measure of work done.  But
>doesn't this average out in the long term, or does the average number of
>nodes per stub deviate as we move though the workspace?

what about stubs that overlap?

They would completely skew your figure...

(If I've understood the OGR project correctly (I'm a strictly RC5-guy), blocks
can overlap eachother).

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